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Derived from a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach, myofascial cupping is used to aid treatment of muscle/soft tissue aches and pains and helps to promote healing.

Whereas traditional massage uses compression and kneading of the soft tissue, the movement of the cups over the skin lifts the soft tissue, separating the fibres, stimulating repair and introducing elasticity to the soft tissue.

Cupping is particularly effective for:

  • Athletes – ITB tightness causing knee pain
  • People who find traditional massage too uncomfortable
  • As an aid to releasing tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Low back pain 

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The modern cups are fitted with a valve for easy introduction and release from the skin.  Once the cup is introduced to the skin it then glides over the required area, lifting the soft tissue, then separating the fibres and releasing tightness and tension.

Many people report a feeling of deep relaxation following a cupping session.


Cupping is not suitable for clients who are on medication to thin the blood, eg warfarin.