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Pregnancy Massage

If you are pregnant you can experience the sheer bliss of massage for the duration of your pregnancy.

Common conditions during pregnancy include:

  • back pain – upper and lower
  • headache
  • sciatica
  • fluid retention
  • ankle swelling (oedema)
  • muscle ache
  • sore feet/legs
  • stress
  • tension
  • fatigue

In the early weeks of pregnancy lying on your stomach on the massage table is generally not uncomfortable and is perfectly safe.

However, as you progress through the 2nd and 3rd trimesters it becomes uncomfortable to downright impossible to lie on your front!
The belly pillow on the massage table means you can lie on your front in complete comfort and safety (for you and your precious cargo) right up to full term.

Experience the pleasure of being in total comfort whilst receiving a wonderful relaxing massage and relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy.